Four Pillars of Destiny – Understanding the 60 Personalities


Four Pillars of Destiny – Understanding the 60 Personalities

60 different animals account for 60 distinct personalities. After finding out which of the 60 days you are born on, you can then refer to the information contained in this book to have an insight into your lessons and direction in life. Understanding the 60 Personalities is the English version of a classic Chinese book that described the personalities of each day in detail and used traditional Chinese historical and literary references for our modern life.

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Understanding the 60 Personalities

This book describes the characteristics of each of the 60 Day Pillars for the first time in English. There are 60 Personalities that consist of the 12 animal days paired with each of the five elements. This book is also suitable for beginners who would like to know more about the personalities. The Day Pillars can be calculated through this website.


Four Pillars of Destiny –

Understanding the 60 Personalities

After completing the Earth book in record time during the pandemic, I then started working on this book that considers the 60 Day Pillars. My teacher Lily Chung had introduced the original Chinese version of this book to me, which came out in 1995 and was a bestseller. The author was a Metaphysics master who called himself Spirit Mountain.

There were a lot of oblique Chinese historical and literary references in the original. Not only did I have to translate it, I had to make it relevant to modern audiences. My advanced Australian students read through my manuscript and made it much more appealing to Western readers.

I felt that it was important to include modern day celebrities that are born on each of the 60 Days, so that readers can relate to them. My Australian students felt that the information presented on each of the 60 days was extremely valuable and accurate, so they suggested the retail price for the book.

It was very exciting to see the hard copy of this book arrive in Noosa from the US as well. It was truly a miracle that the postal system was still able to work in the pandemic era.

Readers can use the bazi calculator on my website or on to work out which day they are born on and then read on to see if the description fits them.