Four Pillars of Destiny – Exploring Metal Charts


Four Pillars of Destiny – Exploring Metal Charts

According to the Four Pillars system of Chinese Astrology, all the famous individuals mentioned above have Metal charts. As you will discover after reading this book, these celebrities have birth charts where Metal is the most prominent element. From the 108 examples that are covered within, you will find that Metal features as the Resource, Output, Wealth, Power or Self element. These Metal charts are then divided into six different classifications or groups, each with their own characteristics and ranking of favourable elements.

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Exploring Metal Charts

This book is the second in the series of five books about Exploring Bazi charts as per the Flow Method. What sets this apart from other books is that the emphasis is not on charts that have Metal Day Stems but rather charts that have Metal as their favourable element. This is for readers with background knowledge who want to understand the subject better.


Four Pillars of Destiny –

Exploring Metal Charts

By 2017, I was busy teaching Bazi group classes around the world, including Australia, Germany, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. I was spending a lot of time on planes and working on my books while watching movies on those long flights. You could say that I was good at multi tasking.

The idea for this series of five books came from my own database of celebrity examples. In 2014, I embarked on a personal project to write out the charts of famous individuals that I was familiar with from January 1 to December 31, incorporating actors, singers, world leaders, athletes and even criminals. The idea was to illustrate the Flow Method.

This project took me two years of painstaking writing in my spare time after teaching my classes and also when on the long flights. As Malcolm Gladwell said, the way to achieving true expertise in any skill is practicing in the right way for at least 10000 hours. I think I have racked up those hours somehow over the years.

When I started the project, questions about the solar and lunar month and year were bothering me, so I started listing two different charts. Half way into the project, I realized which type of month to use. However, to prevent any controversy from readers, I decided that for this series of five books, this solar/lunar month issue will not be addressed.