Four Pillars of Destiny – Exploring Earth Charts


Four Pillars of Destiny – Exploring Earth Charts

According to the Four Pillars system of Chinese Astrology, all the famous individuals mentioned above have Earth charts. As you will discover after reading this book, these celebrities have birth charts where Earth is the most prominent element. From the 108 examples that are covered within, you will find that Earth features as the Resource, Output, Wealth, Power or Self element. These Earth charts are then divided into six different classifications or groups, each with their own characteristics and ranking of favourable elements.

This is not a book for the absolute beginner. Rather, it is for those who are already familiar with deriving a Four Pillars chart from a Ten Thousand Year Calendar and would like to progress further with more detailed analysis of birth charts.

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Exploring Earth Charts

This book is the fifth in the series of five books about Exploring Bazi charts as per the Flow Method. What sets this apart from other books is that the emphasis is not on charts that have Earth Day Stems but rather charts that have Earth as their favourable element. This is for readers with background knowledge who want to understand the subject better.


Four Pillars of Destiny –

Exploring Earth Charts

In 2020, the world came to a standstill. I was teaching a class in Australia when borders to the United Arab Emirates (where I lived in Dubai) closed. I got locked down in Noosa with my Australian organizer Janene Laird and her husband. In that uncertain time, I channeled all my focus and energy on completing the Earth book to shut out what was happening in the world.

And so the fifth and final book in the series was completed in Australia. Earth charts are not associated with any Three Harmony or Seasonal Combinations, so they are more challenging for students to identify. Truth be told, I was only able to ascertain the difference between Dominant and Competitive Earth charts only through the course of my own research.

The Flow Method was therefore covered in these five books, with each encompassing six different types of charts, giving a total of 30 different chart types. The majority of individuals will be included in these types of charts, with the remainder being Changing charts. There is currently a book on Changing charts in the pipeline.

The aim of these Exploring charts books was to show the classification of the Flow Method and its consistency versus other traditional methods. My Argentine editor Julio was able to organize the first hard copies of the Earth book to be sent from the US to Australia during the pandemic. When I saw the completed book arriving at the building where I was locked down, I really understood the meaning of hope in those dark days.