Practical Feng Shui tips


Practical Feng Shui tips

This is a collection of 288 columns written for the South China Morning Post, the major English newspaper in Hong Kong. Initially published in the Sunday magazine, the columns introduced Feng Shui concepts and principles to readers in less than 250 words every week. Emphasis was placed on leaving readers with practical pointers that they could use in their life. The book has now been completely updated for 2020 and beyond.

Divided into 17 chapters, the columns cover a range of Feng Shui related topics such as the Bedroom, Decorations and Symbols, Doors and Windows, Exteriors, Interna! Shapes and Structures, Mirrors and the Office and Work. There are also chapters on Date Selection, Feng Shui Calculations, Feng Shui Theory, Festivals, Chinese Names and Chinese Astrology.

Pages: 272 / 6×0.87×9 / 15.24×2.21×22.86 / Paperback

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Practical Feng Shui tips

This is the complete collection of my Feng Shui columns updated for 2020 and beyond. It is full of practical information that the reader can apply immediately to their lives. It also provides a brief introduction to other aspects of Chinese culture and traditions.



Feng Shui tips

In 2020, I was still locked out of Dubai in July, five months after I had arrived in Australia for my annual classes. After completing the Earth and the 60 Personalities books, I decided that it was time to reissue the complete and updated book of my Feng Shui columns. One of my Australian students Rose Migliriosi inspired me to reissue my Feng Shui book so that my students and other readers could refer to it.

Feng Shui: A Hong Kong Perspective stopped at March 2010 while the columns ran until May 2011, so there were more than 60 columns that were not included. Practical Feng Shui Tips contains 288 columns, which is a testament to my time writing the columns for the South China Morning Post from 2005 to 2011. The title change was due to the fact that the columns all contain practical information that the reader is able to use after reading them.

The columns are organized into 17 chapters for easy reference, covering a range of topics from the bedroom and office to Chinese Astrology and Chinese festivals. It was published in the US just before I returned to Dubai from Australia in September 2020.

This book has proven to be very popular with audiences when I was doing presentations introducing Feng Shui in South Africa.