Dr Jin Peh, Lily Chung The Code of Destiny Bazi


Dr Jin Peh, Lily ChungThe Code of Destiny Bazi

Traditional Chinese Method of Predicting Destiny. How to Create a Life Map for a Person and Decipher his Potential


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The code

This book introduces the Flow Method of analyzing Bazi charts to Russian readers. It comes complete with a calendar for easy reference.


Dr Jin Peh, Lily Chung

The Code of Destiny Bazi

At the International Feng Shui Association Conference in Singapore in 2013, I was invited by my first Russian organizer Antaoly Sokolov to speak in Moscow the following March at the Russian Feng Shui Conference. And so I made my debut in Moscow, talking about the Flow Method of analyzing Bazi to Russian audiences.

I then had my first group class in Moscow in May 2014 and the momentum picked up from there. The Russians were very receptive to my research and teaching. I would be visiting Moscow four times a year, in February, April, September and November. My current Russian organizer Irina Anfinogenova organized the translation of Discover Your Code to Success into Russian a few years prior to it being published.

In 2018, Discover Your Code to Success was translated into Russian and published by Eksmo. In very serendipitous fashion, I had met the head of Eksmo publishing, Maria Vinogradova in February 2017 when she came to me for a Bazi consult when at a crossroads of her career. So when she ended up working at Eksmo a few months after our meeting, she recognized my name from the list of unpublished manuscripts. With her passion and dedication, she turned the Russian version into reality.

Eksmo added a red hardback cover with a dragon and there was also a Chinese calendar attached to the book to allow readers to build their own Bazi charts. The book has proven to be extremely popular and has sold more than 8000 copies at this point in time.