Four Pillars of Destiny – Understanding the 100 life path


Four Pillars of Destiny – Understanding the 100 life path

The Spirit Valley Man Method classifies a person’s Chinese Astrology chart according to the element of the Year Stern and the Hour Stern. As there are 10 Year Stems and 10 Hour Stems, this yields 100 Life Paths.

Previously only available in Chinese, each of the 100 Life Paths has a personality analysis and six poems detailing career, siblings, luck cycles, marriage, children and life lessons. This book provides the English translation of these poems and illustrates each of the 100 Life Paths in detail with two modern-day examples of famous individuals.

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Understanding the 100 life path

This book introduces the Spirit Valley Man method for the first time in English. It translates the original Chinese poems that incorporate six aspects of a person’s life, such as Life Cycle, Siblings, Career, Marriage, Children and Life Lessons. This is suitable for those who are beginning to study the subject. It also serves as a good reference.


Four Pillars of Destiny –

Understanding the 100 life path

In 2021, the world was still mostly shut with tests and quarantine required for travel. Shortly after I started writing this book in Dubai, my father passed away from a stroke in Hong Kong at the age of 79. I was unable to attend the funeral due to the restrictions and had to sit it out in Dubai.

I took some time off from writing to grieve and process what had happened. In the last phone conversation that I had with my father, I had told him that I had started writing this book. I was grateful that my editor Miranda van Gaalen gently reminded me to complete this book two months after my father died. I managed to focus on completing it to honour his memory.

The Spirit Valley Man method considers the Year and Hour Stem of a chart. As there are 10 different Year Stems and 10 different Hour Stems, this gives a total of 100 Life Paths. I went through with my teacher Lily Chung each of the six different poems that covers different aspects of a person’s life.

200 examples are considered here in detail. There is also the explanation of the observations in the poem and cross-references to the lives of the individuals being discussed. This method should be used to add more information to the analysis of an individual’s Bazi chart.

The book was completed at the start of 2022, coinciding with the Dubai World Expo. I had the pleasure of taking a promotional photo with this book at this momentous event.