Four Pillars of Destiny – Exploring Water Charts


Four Pillars of Destiny – Exploring Water Charts

According to the Four Pillars system of Chinese Astrology, all the famous individuals mentioned above have Water charts. As you will discover after reading this book, these celebrities have birth charts where Water is the most prominent element. From the 108 examples that are covered within, you will find that Water features as the Resource, Output, Wealth, Power or Self
element. These Water charts are then divided into six different classifications or groups, each with their own characteristics and ranking of favourable elements.

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Exploring Water Charts

This book is the first in the series of five books about Exploring Bazi charts as per the Flow Method. What sets this apart from other books is that the emphasis is not on charts that have Water Day Stems but rather charts that have Water as their favourable element. This is for readers with background knowledge who want to understand the subject better.


Four Pillars of Destiny –

Exploring Water Charts

In 2016, I decided that it was time to write my own books on Bazi in order to help my students understand the Flow Method better. From 2014, I had been teaching group classes regularly in Russia and began to have an idea of what questions students had when studying Bazi.

I decided that I was going to go in the complete opposite direction of books about Bazi that had a lot of filler and promotional information and very little practical application for the reader. I was also struggling to show the merits of the Flow Method as most of my students had been using the traditional weak strong approach that was very popular yet not very consistent.

In 2011, I had moved to Hong Kong from Dubai and struggled to get clients and students. When I went to see Lily in San Francisco, I started looking at the charts of celebrities instead. To our amazement, they were extremely clear with Three Harmony Combinations that showed the full extent of the Flow Method. I started collecting examples.

I wanted to show the Flow Method applied to each of the five different elements, so this became the first book focusing on the Water element. I divided the book into the six different types of Flow charts: Follow Resource, Output, Power and Wealth, Dominant and Competitive. As I was trying to prove the efficacy of the Flow Method, I came up with 18 examples for each chapter to show how consistent this approach is. The book ended up with 108 examples.

On my laptop, it showed only 220 A4 pages but after the designer laid it out, it ballooned to a bit more. I don’t think this book is meant for readers to read from start to finish. Rather, it is for them to focus on the patterns of the charts and then dip into it when necessary. The history of the individuals covered is considered in detail.