60 Personalities in Bazi Four Pillars of Destiny


60 Personalities in Bazi Four Pillars of Destiny

The book is based on the ancient Chinese art of human interaction with space and time – Bazi. It is intended both for Bazi adherents and for beginners who are still unfamiliar with this system.


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Understanding the 60 Personalities

This book introduces the 60 Personalities as determined by the 60 Day Pillars to readers for the first time in Russian. It was previously available only in Chinese and English.


Understanding the 60


In the second half of 2021, this was issued as a follow up in Russian to Discover Your Code to Success. A calendar was attached as well to this version so that readers would be able to look up their Day Pillar and read about themselves.

The first print run of this book included international celebrities to illustrate each of the 60 Pillars. The second and subsequent print runs incorporated Russian celebrities to appeal to Russian readers.

I had the experience of doing a book signing for this book in November 2021, when Russia opened up following the pandemic. It was a great opportunity for me to reconnect with my Russian students and readers face to face after almost two years.