Four Pillars of Destiny – Exploring Fire Charts


Four Pillars of Destiny – Exploring Fire Charts

According to the Four Pillars system of Chinese Astrology, all the famous individuals mentioned above have Fire charts. As you will discover after reading this book, these celebrities have birth charts where Fire is the most prominent element. From the 108 examples that are covered within, you will find that Fire features as the Resource, Output, Wealth, Power or Self element. These Fire charts are then divided into six different classifications or groups, each with their own characteristics and ranking of favourable elements.

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Exploring Fire Charts

This book is the third in the series of five books about Exploring Bazi charts as per the Flow Method. What sets this apart from other books is that the emphasis is not on charts that have Fire Day Stems but rather charts that have Fire as their favourable element. This is for readers with background knowledge who want to understand the subject better.


Four Pillars of Destiny –

Exploring Fire Charts

By 2018, the amount of travelling and teaching around the world for me was not letting up. I managed to find the examples for Fire charts and also the time to write each of the six chapters that covered each different type of classification as per the Flow Method.

I had met both my Australian editor Carolyn McCallum and Argentine editor Julio Richero at the 2017 Manila International Feng Shui Conference and it was great to have them come on board my team from this book onwards. Note: Feng Shui conferences are a great way to connect with like-minded individuals in the Chinese Metaphysics world. Always attend them when you can.

The approach for this series of five element books was clear. The emphasis is to find charts that have Fire branches in the chart, such as Partial or Full Three Harmony Fire Combinations, Full Seasonal Combinations or in the absence of Combinations, two or more Fire Branches i.e. the Tiger and Horse. The life stories of the individuals covered clearly support that Fire is their favourable element.

With this in mind, if Fire is the favourable element, then Water will be the negative element. Note that it is not possible to use all the five elements as the element that controls or affects your favourable element will always pose issues.