Dr Jin Peh provides Feng Shui consultations and Astrology life readings using classical and traditional methods. He also offers individual one on one or group classes. Jin can be contacted at jinpeh@gmail.com

Reviews & Comments:

My understanding of Four Pillars really came together with Jin's teachings. Both his classes and books are clearly structured in a fashion that makes all the Bazi structures fit nicely together. I can honestly say that with his help i have progressed from the level of beginner to someone who finally understands the foundations of the natal charts and flow. His knowledge of Bazi is thorough and he is very generous with sharing everything he knows. His book is great to work through as it guides you step by step with clear and well edited instructions. There is so much to learn with Bazi and i hope Jin continues to write further on this subject.

T. Attwood, London





Jin Peh
Feng Shui Specialist,
Writer & Astrologer

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