Vanessa Hudgens, American Actress

(born December 14, 1988, 12:30 hours)

Yang Earth
Yin Water
Yang Wood
Yang Earth
2 12 22 32 42 52 62 72
Yin Water Yang Water Yin Metal Yang Metal Yin Earth Yang Earth Yin Fire Yang Fire
Pig Dog Rooster Monkey Sheep Horse Snake Dragon

There is a Partial Three Harmony Water Combination in Hudgens’ chart. Her Rat Month Branch combines with her Dragon Year Branch to form Water. As the Combination produces the same element as her Yin Water Day Master, she has a Dominant Water chart.

There is also a Stem Combination involving her Yin Water Day Master and Yang Earth Hour Stem. As the Power element combines with the Yin Day Master, it suggests professional recognition and success. For a woman, it also represents marriage as the Power element represents the Spouse. The Yin Water Day Master is also sitting on the Rabbit, which is one of her Nobleman Stars. The Rabbit also contains Wood, which is a favourable element for Hudgens. This indicates that she will marry a spouse who will assist her. The favourable element Output element is also present in the Yang Wood Month Stem, indicating a good relationship with her father.

Hudgens made her movie debut at the age of 15 in the critically acclaimed teenage drama Thirteen in 2003 (Yin Water Sheep year) during the favourable Yang Water Luck Cycle (age 12 to 16). The favourable Water element was present in both the Stem that year and the Luck Cycle.

During the Dog Luck Cycle (age 17 to 21), Hudgens had her first major break when she landed one of the lead roles in the Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical in 2005 (Yin Wood Rooster year). Her favourable elements Metal and Wood were present that year. The Dog clashes with the Dragon Year Branch and disrupts the Three Harmony Water Combination. However, the Rabbit Day Branch forms a Six Harmony Combination with the Dog, reducing the potential for a Clash. High School Musical premiered in January 2006 (still the Yin Wood Rooster year), earning Hudgens attention for her performance. She also started a relationship with co-star Zac Efron. The Dog in the Luck Cycle combined with the Rabbit in her House of Spouse, forming a Six Harmony Combination that indicated the possibility of romance.

In 2007 (Yin Fire Pig year), Hudgens appeared in High School Musical 2, which had ten million more viewers for the premiere compared to High School Musical. The Pig that year formed a Partial Three Harmony Wood Combination with the Rabbit Day Branch. The favourable Output element was formed. In 2008 (Yang Earth Rat year), Hudgens reprised her previous role in the movie High School Musical 3: Senior Year. It opened in cinemas and earned more than $250 million US dollars worldwide. The Rat that year combined with the Rat and Dragon in her chart to reinforce her favourable element Water and reaffirm her Dominant Water.

In 2009 (Yin Earth Ox year) when the negative Earth element was present, topless pictures of Hudgens surfaced on the Internet. She sued the website for posting “self-portrait photographs” of her taken on a mobile phone in a private home.

The Yin Metal Luck Cycle (age 22 to 26) contained Hudgens’s favourable element Metal. In 2011 (Yin Metal Rabbit year), she starred in the romantic drama Beastly with Alex Pettyfer and in the fantasy action film Sucker Punch. Her favourable elements Metal and Wood were present that year. It was also a Nobleman year for Hudgens and Wood is a favourable element for Hudgens. In 2012 (Yang Water Dragon year), she appeared with Dwayne Johnson in the box office hit Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and with Selena Gomez and James Franco in the critically acclaimed Spring Breakers. The Dragon that year combined with the Rat and Dragon in her chart reinforcing her favourable element Water.

The Rooster Luck Cycle (age 27 to 31) is also favourable for Hudgens, as the Resource element Metal is favourable for her. However, when the negative elements Fire and Earth were present, there were problems for her. In January 2016 (still the Yin Wood Sheep year), her father passed away a day before Hudgens appeared as Rizzo in the live television broadcast of Grease: Live, based on the original Broadway musical. In 2016 (Yang Fire Monkey year), the negative Wealth element Fire in the first half of the year saw her paying $1,000 US dollars in restitution for damage to U.S. Forest Service property. Hudgens had carved her and boyfriend Austin Butler’s initials inside a heart on a rock in the Coconino National Forest and posted it on her personal Instagram account.

The Yang Metal (age 32 to 36) and Monkey (age 37 to 41) Luck Cycles will be favourable for Hudgens as her favourable element Water is present. The Monkey also combines with the Rat and Dragon in her chart to form the Full Three Harmony Water Combination. This reinforces her Dominant Water. Any potential issues brought about by the Yin Earth Luck Cycle (age 42 to 46) are reduced by the Combination with the Yang Wood Month Stem. The Sheep Luck Cycle (age 47 to 51) will see a Partial Three Harmony Wood Combination with the Rabbit in the House of Spouse. There is the potential for romance or marriage during this period. The Yang Earth Luck Cycle (age 52 to 56) and the Yin Water Day Master form a favourable Stem Combination. There will bring professional recognition and success, as well as the potential for romance or marriage.