Pope Francis, Argentinian Roman Catholic Church Leader

(born December 17, 1936, 21:00 hours)

Yin Water
Yin Water
Yang Metal
Yang Fire
7 17 27 37 47 57 67 77 87
Yin Metal Yang Water Yin Water Yang Wood Yin Wood Yang Fire Yin Fire Yang Earth Yin Earth
Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Rooster

There are no Branch or Stem Combinations in Pope Francis’s birth chart. He is a Yin Water Day Master and there are two Rat Branches and a Yin Water Hour Stem. This qualifies Pope Francis as a Competitive Water chart. In the Monkey or Dragon years or Luck Cycles, he is transformed into a Dominant Water chart. In the Rat years or Luck Cycles, Pope Francis remains a Competitive Water chart.

At the age of 21 in 1957 (Yin Fire Rooster year) during the Yang Water Luck Cycle (age 17 to 21), Pope Francis suffered from life-threatening pneumonia and three lung cysts. He had part of his lung excised as a result. The negative element Metal was present in the year. There was also a Water Rival in the Luck Cycle.

The Tiger Luck Cycle (age 22 to 26) proved to be better for Pope Francis as his favourable elements Wood and Earth were present. In 1958 (Yang Earth Dog year), he entered the Society of Jesus as a novice after three years at the Immaculada Concepcion Seminary in Buenos Aires. There was a Stem Combination involving the Yang Earth in the year and his Yin Water Day Master. A Combination involving the Power element indicates professional recognition or success.

The Yin Water Luck Cycle (age 27 to 31) was another Rival Luck Cycle for Pope Francis. However, he was able to thrive in years where his favourable elements were present or when he became Dominant Water. In 1964 (Yang Wood Dragon year), the Dragon that year combined with his Rat Branches to transform him into a Dominant Water chart. He taught literature and psychology at Colegio de la Immaculada Concepcion in Santa Fe. In 1967 (Yin Fire Sheep year), Pope Francis finished his theological studies. His favourable element Earth was present that year.

The Rabbit Luck Cycle (age 32 to 36) was favourable for Pope Francis. It contained his most favourable element Wood and the Rabbit is also his Nobleman Star. In 1969 (Yin Earth Rooster year), he was ordained as a priest. The favourable element Earth was present that year. In April 1973 (Dragon month in the Yin Water Ox year), the Dragon that month transformed Pope Francis into a Dominant Water chart. He completed his final phase of training and took the final fourth vow in the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

The Yang Wood (age 37 to 41) and Dragon (age 42 to 46) Luck Cycles were favourable for Pope Francis. His most favourable Output element was present in the former and the Dragon in the latter transformed him into a Dominant Water chart. In 1980 (Yang Metal Monkey year), the Monkey combined with the Rat Branches and the Dragon Luck Cycle to reinforce him as a Dominant Water chart. He was named rector of the Philosophical and Theological Faculty at San Miguel.

The Yin Wood Luck Cycle (age 47 to 51) was also favourable for Pope Francis as his most favourable Output element was present. In 1986 (Yang Fire Tiger year), he completed his doctoral thesis in theology at Freiburg, Germany. The favourable elements Wood and Earth were present that year.

In the Snake Luck Cycle (age 52 to 56), there was a Partial Three Harmony Combination with the Rooster Day Branch to form the negative element Metal. However, in 1992 (Yang Water Monkey year), the Monkey that year combined with the Rat Branches in Pope Francis’s chart to transform him into a Dominant Water chart. As a Dominant Water chart, the Resource element Metal is favourable. Pope Francis was named titular bishop of Auca and auxiliary of Buenos Aires.

The Yang Fire Luck Cycle (age 57 to 61) contained the negative element Fire. In 1998 (Yang Earth Tiger), there was a Stem Combination involving Yang Earth and his Yin Fire Day Master. This indicated professional success or recognition. Pope Francis became archbishop of Buenos Aires.

The Horse Luck Cycle (age 62 to 66) clashed with the two Rat Branches. However, this does not affect Pope Francis as the Horse clashed with his two Water Rivals hidden in the Rat Branches. This removed his Water Rivals.

he Yin Fire Luck Cycle (age 67 to 71) contained Pope Francis’s negative element Fire. In 2005 (Yin Wood Rooster year) upon the death of Pope John Paul II, he was the runner-up to Pope Benedict XVI in the Papal elections. His negative Resource element Metal was present that year.
The Sheep Luck Cycle (age 72 to 76) contained Pope Francis’s favourable element Earth. In March 2013 (Yin Water Snake year), he was elected Pope at the age of 76 following Pope Benedict XIV’s decision to step down. The Yang Earth Luck Cycle (age 77 to 81) had a Stem Combination between the Luck Cycle and Pope Francis’s Yin Water Day Master, indicating professional recognition and success. The Monkey Luck Cycle (age 82 to 86) combines with Pope Francis’s Rat Month Branch to
transform him into a Dominant Water chart. By this stage, the Rat Year Branch does not have much influence.