John Abraham, Indian Actor

(born December 17, 1972)

Yang Water
Yang Water
Yang Water
6 16 26 36 46 56 66 76
Yin Water Yang Wood Yin Wood Yang Fire Yin Fire Yang Earth Yin Earth Yang Metal
Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey

There are no Branch or Stem Combinations in Abraham’s birth chart. Abraham is a Yang Water Day Master and there are two Rat Branches, as well as two other Water Stems. This qualifies him as a Competitive Water chart. In Monkey or Dragon years or Luck Cycles, Abraham is transformed into a Dominant Water chart. In Rat years or Luck Cycles, he remains a Competitive Water chart. He also has the configuration Three Friends in the Stems, as he has Yang Water Stems present in the Day, Month and Year Pillars. This suggests someone who enjoys socializing with others.

Abraham received his first major break when he entered the Gladrags Manhunt and Megamodel Contest in Mumbai in 1999 (Yin Earth Rabbit year) during the Yin Wood Luck Cycle (age 26 to 30). His favourable elements Earth and Wood were both present that year. Wood was also present in the Luck Cycle. Abraham won the competition and went on to the Gladrags International Manhunt and Megamodel Contest in Manila, where he finished first runner-up. He then embarked on a successful modelling career, at one stage becoming India’s highest-paid supermodel.

The Rabbit Luck Cycle (age 31 to 35) was also favourable for Abraham as his most favourable element Wood was present. In 2003 (Yin Water Sheep year), he made his Bollywood debut in the erotic thriller Jism. The Sheep that year combined with his Rabbit Luck Cycle to form Wood, his most favourable element. Abraham would have his first box office hit with Dhoom in 2004 (Yang Wood Monkey year) alongside Abishek Bachchan. The Monkey that year combined with the two Rat Branches in his chart to transform him into a Dominant Water chart. In 2005 (Yin Wood Rooster year), Abraham had a role in the independent movie Water, which was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars. His favourable element Wood was present that year. In 2006 (Yang Fire Dog year), he appeared in the box office hit Kabul Express. The second favourable element Earth was present that year.

The Yang Fire Luck Cycle (age 36 to 40) contained Abraham’s negative Wealth element Fire. During this period, his movies only did well in years where the favourable elements were present. In 2008 (Yang Earth Rat year), Abraham starred alongside Abishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra in the comedy Dostana. The second favourable Power element Earth was present that year, which helped control his Water Rivals. On a personal note, his relationship with Bipasha Basu, which had started in 2002 (Yang Water Horse year) ended in early 2011 (still the Yang Metal Tiger year). The Horse is the Branch present in his House of Spouse, so the Horse year gave him opportunities for romance. However, the negative Resource element Metal in the Yang Metal Tiger year caused stress in his personal life. In 2012 (Yang Water Dragon year), the Dragon combined with the Rat Branches in Abraham’s chart to change him into a Dominant Water chart. He made his debut as producer with Vicky Donor, a critical and commercial success.

In the Dragon Luck Cycle (age 41 to 45), Abraham was transformed into a Dominant Water chart as the Dragon combined with the Rat Branches in his chart. In 2013 (Yin Water Snake year), he had another box office hit with Shootout at Wadala, a gangster biopic. The Snake that year contained his favourable element Earth, as well as his negative elements Metal and Fire. It was indeed a mixed year, his other film I, Me, Aur Main did not perform as well. However, he ended the year with Madras Café, which was another critical success.

The subsequent Luck Cycles should be favourable for Abraham. In the Yin Fire Luck Cycle (age 46 to 50), there is a Stem Combination with his Yang Water Day Master, indicating opportunities to generate Wealth. The Snake (age 51 to 55) and Yang Earth (age 56 to 60) Luck Cycles contain his second favourable element Earth.