Sean Penn, American Actor

(born August 17, 1960, 15:17 hours DST)

Yin Fire
Yin Fire
Yang Wood
Yang Metal
7 17 27 37 47 57 67 77
Yin Wood Yang Fire Yin Fire Yang Earth Yin Earth Yang Metal Yin Metal Yang Water
Rooster Dog Pig Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon

There is a Partial Three Harmony Water Combination in Penn’s chart. His Monkey Month Branch combines with his Rat Year Branch to form Water. There are no other Combinations in his chart. The most prevalent element in his chart is Water. As Penn is a Yin Fire Day Master, Water is his Power element. He has a Follow the Power (Water) chart.

Note that in the second half of Penn’s life when the influence of the Year Pillar wanes, Penn becomes a Follow the Output (Earth) chart. The main element present within the Sheep and the Ox is Earth, which is his Output element.

There can also be a Seasonal Water Combination present in Penn’s chart during the Pig year or Luck Cycle. The Pig can combine with his Rat Year Branch and Ox Day Branch to form the Seasonal Water Combination. Penn will still remain a Follow the Power (Water) chart.

During the Dog Luck Cycle (age 22 to 26), Penn had his first prominent film role as the perpetually stoned surfer in Fast Times in Ridgemont High in 1982 (Yang Water Dog year). His favourable element Water was present that year. Although the Luck Cycle contained the negative Earth element, Penn is able to thrive in years with his favourable elements Water and Metal. In 1984 (Yang Wood Rat year), Penn starred with Nicolas Cage in the coming of age drama Racing with the Moon. The Rat that year reinforced his favourable element Water by combining with the Monkey and Rat present in his chart. In 1985 (Yin Wood Ox year), Penn married singer Madonna. His House of Spouse Branch Ox was replicated that year, indicating an opportunity for romance and marriage.

The Yin Fire Luck Cycle (age 27 to 31) was problematic for Penn. His marriage to Madonna received unprecedented paparazzi attention and he responded with violent outbursts towards the media. In 1987 (Yin Fire Rabbit year), Penn was jailed for 33 days after being arrested for assaulting a photographer on set. Yin Fire Rivals were present in both the Luck Cycle and the year. In 1989 (Yin Earth Snake year), his marriage to Madonna ended and he started a relationship with actress Robin Wright. The Snake that year formed a Partial Three Harmony Metal Combination with the Ox in his House of Spouse. This suggested opportunities for romance.

The Pig Luck Cycle (age 32 to 36) saw Penn’s career as a serious actor and director take off. The Pig formed a Seasonal Water Combination with the Rat Year Branch and Ox Day Branch in Penn’s chart. This reinforced the presence of Penn’s favourable element Water. In 1993 (Yin Water Rooster year) with the favourable elements Water and Metal present, Penn impressed critics with his performance opposite Al Pacino in Carlito’s Way. In 1996 (Yang Fire Rat year), Penn received his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor in Dead Man Walking. The Rat that year combined with the Rat and Monkey in his chart to reinforce his favourable element Water. On a personal note, the Rat that year also formed a Six Harmony Combination with the Ox in his House of Spouse, suggesting the possibility of romance. Penn married Robin Wright that year.

In the Yang Earth Luck Cycle (age 37 to 41), Penn was able to benefit from years that contained his favourable elements Water and Metal. In 2001 (Yin Metal Snake year), Penn received another Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his performance in I Am Sam opposite Michelle Pfeiffer. He also directed The Pledge, which starred Jack Nicholson. The second favourable element Metal was present that year and the Snake also formed a Partial Three Harmony Metal Combination with his Ox Day Branch.

In the Rat Luck Cycle (age 42 to 46), Penn won his first Oscar for Best Actor in 2004 (Yang Wood Monkey year) for his performance in Mystic River, directed by Clint Eastwood and released in 2003 (Yin Water Sheep year). The Monkey that year combined with both the Rat Luck Cycle and the Rat and Monkey present in Penn’s birth chart. In 2005 (Yin Wood Rooster year), Penn starred opposite Nicole Kidman in The Interpreter. In 2006 (Yang Fire Dog year) when the negative elements Fire and Earth were present, Penn starred in the critical and commercial flop All The King’s Men.

The Yin Earth Luck Cycle (age 47 to 51) formed a Stem Combination with Penn’s Yang Wood Month Stem. Both the negative elements Wood and Earth are removed. In 2007 (Yin Fire Pig year), the Seasonal Water Combination was formed by the Pig year, Rat Year Branch and Ox Day Branch. Penn directed Into the Wild, a critical and commercial success. In 2008 (Yang Earth Rat year), biopic Milk was released. The Rat that year combined with the Rat and Monkey in Penn’s chart to reinforce the favourable element Water. Penn won his second Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in Milk. In 2010 (Yang Metal Tiger year), Penn’s divorce from Robin Wright was finalized. The Tiger that year clashed with the Monkey Month Branch in his chart to disrupt the Partial Three Harmony Water Combination. The negative elements Wood, Fire and Earth are all present in the Tiger. While the Tiger is one of the Special Stars for a Yin Fire Day Master like Penn, there is no Dragon in Penn’s chart to work in conjunction with the Tiger that year.

The Ox Luck Cycle (age 52 to 56) contained mostly Earth unless there was a Three Harmony Combination present. In 2013 (Yin Water Snake year), the Snake that year formed a Partial Three Harmony Metal Combination with Penn’s Ox Day Branch. His second favourable element Metal was formed. Penn starred in Gangster Squad with Ryan Gosling. As his House of Spouse Ox Branch is involved in a Combination, it also indicated the opportunity for romance. Penn started a relationship with actress Charlize Theron that same year. Their relationship ended in 2015 (Yin Wood Sheep year), a year with the negative elements Fire, Earth and Wood.

The Yang Metal Luck Cycle (age 57 to 61) should be favourable for Penn as it has the influence of his second favourable element Metal. The Tiger Luck Cycle (age 62 to 66) may be problematic as it clashes with Penn’s Monkey Month and Hour Branches. He will lose the Three Harmony Water Combination that allows him to be a Follow the Wealth (Water) chart. During this Luck Cycle, Penn will become a Follow the Output (Earth) chart. His list of useful elements will be:

1) Output element Earth.
2) Wealth element Metal.
3) Power element Water.
4) Self element Fire.
5) Resource element Wood.