Jeffrey Archer,British Author and Member of House of Lords

(born April 15, 1940, 11:45 hours)
Note that Daylight Savings Time was introduced to Britain in 1940, so the Hour Pillar has been adjusted to reflect this.

Yin Fire
Yang Earth
Yang Metal
Yang Metal
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Yin Metal Yang Water Yin Water Yang Wood Yin Wood Yang Fire Yin Fire Yang Earth
Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Rooster Dog Pig Rat

There is a Partial Three Harmony Water Combination in Archer’s birth chart. His Dragon Month and Year Branches combine with his Rat Day Branch to form Water. There are also Yang Metal Month and Year Stems that support the formation of Water. The most prominent element is Water. Archer is a Yang Earth Day Master. Water represents his Wealth. Archer has a Follow the Wealth (Water) chart.

Archer is born on a Yang Earth Rat day. Yin Water is the only Stem hidden within the Rat. Yin Water forms a Stem Combination with Yang Earth. As the Day Branch is the House of Spouse, this indicates that Archer’s spouse is able to bring him Wealth. When Yang Earth sits above the Rat, they bring a special union that brings success. .

In 1963 (Yin Water Rabbit year) during the Horse Luck Cycle (age 22 to 26), Archer was offered a place in the Diploma of Education program at the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education. Although the negative Fire and Earth elements were present in the Horse Luck Cycle, Archer was able to benefit from the favourable elements Water and Wood which are present in the year. The influence of Yin Wood hidden in the Rabbit was also able to assist him by controlling his Earth Rivals or Competitors. Archer was in Oxford for three years and was successful in athletics during this period.

In the Yin Water Luck Cycle (age 27 to 31), Archer started his political career. The Yin Water in the Luck Cycle formed a Stem Combination with his Yang Earth Day Master. As Water is his Wealth element, this represents opportunities to generate Wealth for Archer. He served as a Conservative councillor on the Greater London Council. In 1969 (Yin Earth Rooster year), when the second favourable element Metal was present within the Rooster, Archer started his own fundraising and public relations firm, Arrow Enterprises. In the same year, he was also elected Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency of Louth in Lincolnshire. Archer won the byelection for the Conservative Party.

The Sheep Luck Cycle (age 32 to 36) was stressful for Archer as his negative elements Fire and Earth were present. In 1974 (Yang Wood Tiger year), he was left with half a million pounds in debt due to his investment with the Canadian firm Aquablast. Archer had to sell his house in South Kensington and also stepped down as an MP that year. Hidden within the Tiger are his negative elements Fire and Earth. To avoid bankruptcy, Archer started writing his first novel Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less that year as a means of avoiding bankruptcy. It was published in the UK in 1976 (Yang Fire Dragon year). The Dragon that year combined with the Partial Three Harmony Water Combination present in his birth chart to increase Water, his most favourable element.

In the Yang Wood Luck Cycle (age 37 to 41), his Earth Rivals were controlled. Archer released his best selling novel Kane and Abel and its sequel The Prodigal Daughter during this period. The latter was released in 1982 (Yang Water Dog year), when the favourable element Water was present. Archer returned to politics during this period and became a popular speaker among the Conservative grassroots.

The Monkey Luck Cycle (age 42 to 46) completed the Full Three Harmony Water Combination with the Dragon Year and Month Branches and Rat Day Branch that are present in Archer’s birth chart. In 1985 (Yin Wood Ox year), he was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Special Stars for a Yang Earth Day Master like Archer are the Rat and Ox. The Ox year worked in conjunction with the Rat Day Branch in his chart to bring him success. However, in 1986 (Yang Fire Tiger year) when the negative elements Fire and Earth were present, Archer found himself embroiled in a scandal as tabloid News of the World reported that he had paid sex worker Monica Coghlan 2,000 British pounds via an intermediary, to go abroad. The Tiger contains Yang Fire and Yang Earth, both of which are negative for Archer. He had to resign as Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party. Rival tabloid Daily Star claimed that Archer had paid for Coghlan’s services.

Archer sued Daily Star and the case went to court in 1987 (Yin Fire Rabbit year) during the Yin Wood Luck Cycle (age 47 to 51). Archer won the case and was awarded half a million British pounds. The Wood present in the Rabbit that year and in the Luck Cycle was again able to successfully control Archer’s Earth Rivals. In 1991 (Yin Metal Sheep year), Archer set up the charity The Simple Truth in conjunction with the Red Cross to aid Kurdish refugees displaced by the Gulf War. He also organized a charity concert at which Sting, Paul Simon and Rod Steward performed. The concert and appeal raised more than three million British pounds. Archer’s second favourable element Metal was present that year.

In 1992 (Yang Water Monkey year) during the Rooster Luck Cycle (age 52 to 56), then Prime Minister John Major made Archer a life peer. The Monkey that year formed a Full Three Harmony Water Combination with the Dragon and Rat Branches present within his birth chart. His most favourable element Water was reinforced.

The Yang Fire Luck Cycle (age 57 to 61) was not favourable for Archer. The Resource element Fire strengthened his Earth Rivals and Competitors. In 1999 (Yin Earth Rabbit year), News of the World published allegations made by Archer’s former friend Ted Francis that Archer had committed perjury in his 1987 libel case. As a result, Archer had to withdraw as the Conservative Party’s candidate for the London mayoral election of 2000. He was also expelled from the Conservative Party for five years. The Rival element Earth was present that year. In 2001 (Yin Metal Snake year), Archer was found guilty of perjury and sentenced to four years imprisonment. In the absence of the Rooster or Ox, the main influences within the Snake that year were Fire and Earth, both negative elements for Archer.

In 2002 (Yang Water Horse year) during the Dog Luck Cycle (age 62 to 66), Archer had to repay the Daily Star half a million British pounds that he had been awarded from the legal case, as well as their legal costs of 1.3 million British pounds. The negative elements Fire and Earth were present in the Horse that year. The Horse also formed a Partial Three Harmony Combination with the Dog Luck Cycle, thereby producing the negative element Fire. The Dog Luck Cycle also clashed with the Dragon Month and Year Branches in Archer’s chart, disrupting the Partial Three Harmony Water Combination. This reduced the strength of his favourable element Water. In July 2003 (Yin Water Sheep year), Archer was released from prison after serving half his sentence. The Yin Water present that year formed a Stem Combination with his Yang Earth Day Master, signifying opportunities for Archer.

In 2013 (Yin Water Snake year) during the Pig Luck Cycle (age 72 to 76), Archer was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The negative elements Fire and Earth were present in the Snake that year. However, there is the third favourable element Wood present in the Pig. Wood is able to control his Earth Rivals. Archer had his prostate removed and made a full recovery.