Francois Hollande, President of France

(born August 12, 1954, 00:10 hours)

Yang Fire
Yang Metal
Yang Water
Yang Wood
9 19 29 39 49 59 69 79
Yin Water Yang Wood Yin Wood Yang Fire Yin Fire Yang Earth Yin Earth Yang Metal
Rooster Dog Pig Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon

There is a Partial Three Harmony Water Combination in Hollande’s chart. The Rat Day and Hour Branches combine with the Monkey Month Branch to form Water. There is also Yang Water present in the Month Pillar. The Wealth element Wood is found in the Yang Wood in the Year Pillar. This is favourable as it allows the Water within the chart to have a channel for production. The prevalent element is Water. As Hollande is a Yang Metal Day Master, Water represents his Output. He has a Follow the Output (Water) chart.

During the favourable Yang Wood Luck Cycle (age 19 to 23), Hollande graduated with a bachelor degree in law from Pantheon-Assas University. He then attended the European Business School HEC Paris, from which he graduated in 1975 (Yin Wood Rabbit year). It was a favourable period for his higher education, and Hollande continued with his studies at the Paris Institute of Political Studies and National School of Administration.

The Dog Luck Cycle (age 24 to 28) combined with Hollande’s Horse Year Branch to form a Partial Three Harmony Fire Combination. His third favourable element, Fire is produced. He was noticed by Jacques Attali, a senior adviser to Francois Mitterrand and was encouraged to stand as a candidate in the 1981 (Yin Metal Rooster year) election for the French National Assembly in the Department of Correze. Hollande ran against Jacques Chirac. The negative influence of Metal, which represents his Rivals, saw Hollande lose to Chirac in the first round.

Hollande’s fortunes improved again in the Yin Wood (age 29 to 33) and Pig Luck Cycles (age 34 to 38). Both contained his second favourable element Wood. The Pig has both Yang Water and Yang Wood hidden in it. As Water produces Wood, Wood is the prevalent energy within the Pig. Hollande became a municipal councilor for Ussel commune in the Correze Department in 1983 (Yin Water Pig year), when the favourable Water and Wood elements prevailed. In 1988 (Yang Earth Dragon year), Hollande contested Correze Department for the second time and was successfully elected to the National Assembly where he served for five years. The Dragon that year formed the Full Three Harmony Water Combination with the Monkey and Rat in his birth chart. However, in 1993 (Yin Water Rooster year) when the negative element Metal was present in the Year Branch, Hollande lost his bid for re-election to the National Assembly. The Rooster contains Yin Metal, which signifies Hollande’s Rivals and Competitors.

During the Yang Fire Luck Cycle (age 39 to 43) in 1995 (Yin Wood Pig year), Hollande was selected by Lionel Jospin to become the official spokesman of the Socialist Party. The presence of Wood in 1995 proved to be beneficial to Hollande. In 1997 (Yin Fire Ox year), Hollande was successfully re-elected to the National Assembly after contesting the Department of Correze once again. After Jospin became Prime Minister that year, Hollande won the election to become the First Secretary of the French Socialist Party, a position he would hold for the next 11 years. There were two favourable developments for Hollande in 1997. The Yin Fire controlled his Metal Rivals and the Ox that year is one of his Special Stars. For a Yang Metal Day Master like Hollande, the Special Stars are the Rat and Ox. The Ox in 1997 worked in conjunction with Hollande’s Rat Day Branch to bring him success. Hollande also has a Rat Hour Branch whose influence will become more prominent in the latter half of his life. However, the influence of the Rat Day Branch is present throughout his entire life.

In the Rat Luck Cycle (age 44 to 48), the Rat combined with the Partial Three Harmony Water Combination in Hollande’s chart to strengthen the favourable element Water. He was elected Mayor of Tulle (the capital of Correze Deparment) in 2001 (Yin Metal Snake year). Even though the negative element Metal was hidden in the Snake year, the Six Harmony Combination between the Snake that year and Hollande’s Monkey Branch reduced the negative energy of Metal. The Six Harmony Combination does not indicate the formation of another element. Rather, it indicates help from mentors or noblemen.

The Ox Luck Cycle (age 54 to 58) contained Earth, which created issues for Hollande. However, the Ox is also one of Hollande’s Special Stars so together with his Rat Day Branch, it brought him success, which meant he still enjoyed a favourable Luck Cycle. The Rat and Ox worked together as his Special Stars to negate the influence of Earth. In 2008 (Yang Earth Rat year), Hollande resigned as First Secretary of the French Socialist Party, but was then elected President of the General Council of Correze. The Rat that year combined with the two Rats and Monkey in Hollande’s birth chart to form more Water, his most favourable element. In March 2011 (Yin Metal Rabbit year), Hollande became the official Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party after initially trailing the then front-runner Dominique StraussKahn. However, when Strauss-Kahn became embroiled in a scandal, Hollande succeeded in becoming the Presidential candidate. The Yin Wood hidden in the Rabbit contained Hollande’s second favourable element Wood.

In the 2012 (Yang Water Dragon year) General Election, Hollande was elected President of France. The Dragon that year formed the Full Three Harmony Water Combination with the Rat and Monkey present in his chart. The favourable Water element was abundant that year and this allowed him to lead his party to victory.
The Yang Earth Luck Cycle (age 59 to 63) has seen some challenges for Hollande due to the negative Earth energy. In January 2014 (still Yin Water Snake year), Hollande announced his separation from journalist Valerie Trierweiler after his affair with Julie Gayet was revealed by a tabloid magazine. Yang Metal, which signifies Hollande’s Rivals, is hidden in the Snake that year. In September (Rooster month) 2014, Trierweiler published a book about her time with Hollande that contained some damaging claims. The Rooster month contains Yin Metal, representing a Rival for Hollande’s Yang Metal Day Master.

The next Presidential Elections will be in April and May 2017 (Yin Fire Rooster year). The presence of the Yin Metal Rival in the Rooster Year Branch suggests that Hollande will face an uphill battle if he is to be successfully re-elected as President.