Armie Hammer, American Actor

(born August 28, 1986)

Yang Wood
Yang Fire
Yang Fire
4 14 24 34 44 54 64 74
Yin Fire Yang Earth Yin Earth Yang Metal Yin Metal Yang Water Yin Water Yang Wood
Rooster Dog Pig Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon

The Monkey Month Branch and Dragon Day Branch in Hammer’s chart combine to form a Partial Three Harmony Water Combination. There is a Clash between the Tiger Year Branch and the Monkey Month Branch but this does not affect the Monkey and Dragon Combination. The influence of the Year Pillar is only in the first half of a person’s life from childhood to middle age (i.e. mid 40s). The influence of the Day and Month Pillars is present throughout a person’s life. A Partial Three Harmony Combination between the Day and Month Pillars will exert more influence than a Clash between the Year and Month Pillars. Water remains the prevalent element in the chart. As Hammer is a Yang Wood Day Master, Water represents his Resource. He has a Follow the Resource (Water) chart.

Note that Hammer has two out of the three branches involved in the Seasonal Wood Combination. The Tiger and the Dragon present in his birth chart are not sufficient to form a Seasonal Wood Combination as all three branches are required. In the Rabbit Luck Cycle or year, Hammer will become a Dominant Wood chart. When he becomes a Dominant Wood chart, his favourable elements are:

1) Resource element Water.
2) Self element Wood.
3) Output element Fire.
4) Wealth element Earth.
5) Power element Metal.

Hammer went through the negative Yang Earth (age 14 to 18) and Dog (age 19 to 23) Luck Cycles early in life. During this period, he dropped out of high school to pursue acting, which lead to his parents effectively disowning him. In 2008 (Yang Earth Rat year), when the Rat that year formed the Full Three Harmony Water Combination with the Monkey and Dragon in his birth chart, Hammer portrayed Christian evangelist Billy Graham in Billy: The Early Years.

He received his break in the Yin Earth Luck Cycle (age 24 to 28) when the Yin Earth (representing Wealth) had a Stem Combination with his Yang Wood Day Master. This represented opportunities for him to generate wealth. In 2010 (Yang Metal Tiger year), Hammer played the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network. His second favourable element Metal was present that year. In 2012 (Yang Water Dragon year), Hammer appeared as Prince Andrew Alcott in Mirror, Mirror, which also starred Julia Roberts and Lily Collins. The Dragon that year combined with the Monkey and Dragon in his birth chart to form his favourable element Water. In 2013 (Yin Water Snake year), he played the title role of The Lone Ranger, which also starred Johnny Depp. It was the first time Hammer headlined a major Hollywood blockbuster. The favourable element Water was present that year.

The Pig Luck Cycle (age 29 to 33) will be challenging for Hammer as a Yang Wood Rival is hidden within the Pig. However, the Yang Metal (age 34 to 38), Rat (age 39 to 43) and Yin Metal Luck Cycles (age 44 to 49) are favourable, so Hammer should enjoy a long and successful career after a minor period of disruption.