Adele, British Singer-SongWriter

(born May 5, 1988, 03:02 hours Daylight Savings adjustment made)

Yin Fire
Yang Metal
Yang Fire
Yang Earth
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70
Yin Wood Yang Wood Yin Water Yang Water Yin Metal Yang Metal Yin Earth Yang Earth
Rabbit Tiger Ox Rat Pig Dog Rooster Monkey

There is a Partial Three Harmony Water Combination present in Adele’s chart. Her Monkey Day Branch combines with her Dragon Month and Year Branches to form Water. There are no other Combinations in Adele’s chart, so Water is the most prominent element. As Adele is a Yang Metal Day Master, Water represents her Output or Children. She has a Follow the Output (Water) chart.

The Tiger Luck Cycle (age 15 to 19) was favourable for Adele due to the presence of the second favourable element Wood. The Yang Wood Stem is hidden in the Tiger. In 2006 (Yang Fire Dog year), she graduated from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in Croydon. The Dog that year combined with the Tiger Luck Cycle to form a Partial Three Harmony Fire Combination. Fire is Adele’s third favourable element as it controls her Metal Rivals and Competitors. The Combination between the Dog Year and Tiger Luck Cycle also negated the Clash between the Dog Year and Dragon Year and Month Branches in Adele’s birth chart. Adele signed a record deal with XL Records that year after a friend posted her demo on Myspace. In 2007 (Yin Fire Pig year), Adele made her television debut on Later … with Jools Holland and released her breakthrough single Hometown Glory. The Hidden Stems within the Pig include Yang Wood and Yang Water, both of which are favourable for Adele.

In the Yin Water Luck Cycle (age 20 to 24), Adele’s debut album 19 was released in 2008 (Yang Earth Rat year). The Rat that year formed the Full Three Harmony Water Combination with the Monkey and Dragon present in her birth chart. 19 entered the UK charts at number one and sold 2.2 million copies worldwide in the first 18 months of release.

Towards the end of the Luck Cycle, Adele released her second album 21 in 2011 (Yin Metal Rabbit year). The favourable energy of the Yin Wood in the Rabbit together with the Water Luck Cycle helped Adele achieve phenomenal success with 21. It hit number 1 in more than 26 countries. In the UK, Adele became the first artist to sell three million copies of an album in a calendar year. In the US, Adele became the first artist to hold the number one album on the Billboard 200 concurrently with three number one singles: Rolling In The Deep, Someone Like You and Set Fire To The Rain.

Even though Adele required throat surgery for vocal cord haemorrhage, she came back in 2012 (Yang Water Dragon year) to perform live at the Grammy Awards. She also won in all six categories that she was nominated in. The Dragon that year contributed further to the Water present in her chart by combining with her Monkey Day Branch and Dragon Month and Year Branches. By the end of the year, she had sold more than 4.5 million copies of 21 in the UK and more than 10 million in the US. She ended the year and Luck Cycle by winning an Oscar for Best Original Song for the Bond Theme Skyfall.

The Ox Luck Cycle (age 25 to 29) started quietly for Adele. The negative Resource element Earth and a Yin Metal Rival are hidden in the Ox. Although Yin Water is also present within the Ox, two of the three elements are negative for Adele. She took time off in 2013 (Yin Water Snake year) and 2014 (Yang Wood Horse year) to look after her son Angelo, who had been born in October 2012. She returned in 2015 (Yin Wood Sheep year) with her third album 25, which sold a record 3.38 million copies in its first week of release in the US. The Yin Wood present in that year formed a Stem Combination with her Yang Metal Day Master, signifying opportunities for Wealth.

2016 (Yang Fire Monkey year) is looking to be another good year for Adele as she embarks on her first global tour in five years. The Monkey that year will combine with the Dragon and Monkey present in her chart to reinforce her favourable element Water.

The Luck Cycles involving Adele’s favourable element Water, i.e. Yang Water and Rat are yet to exert their influence, which suggests that Adele’s success will continue into her 30s, potentially peaking during the Rat Luck Cycle (age 35 to 39) when the Full Three Harmony Water Combination will be present for the entire Luck Cycle. The Rat in the Luck Cycle will combine with the Dragon and Monkey Branches already present in Adele’s birth chart.